Garage Door Maintenance in Southern California

Your garage door is a part of your home or business that is being operated multiple times a day during all seasons of the year. It is important that your have regular maintenance work done on your garage door for preventive care. Abe's Garage Doors & Gates Inc. can keep your garage door operating smoothly for years to come. Call us at 866-404-2837!

Below are a few ways we work to ensure proper maintenance of your garage door:

Keys to Proper Garage Door Maintenance

  • Tighten Up Any Loose Hardware
  • Test the Garage Door Balance
  • Inspect and Replace the Rollers
  • Lubricate any Necessary Moving Parts
  • Check the Cables on the Doors
  • Run Tests on the Auto-Reverse Safety Features
  • Clearing the Garage Door Tracks
  • Test Springs for Tension